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The Governor's House - Raj Bhawan area is 220 acres and was constructed in the line of Buckingham Palace London, having twice storied 113 rooms. State visitors and V.I.P. coming to Nainital as well use it for their stay. It's made up of a marvelous Garden, Golf Links, and Swimming Pool and enclosed with verdant green part of Deodar and Oak trees. The base stone of the Nainital Government House, structure after Buckingham Palace, was laid on April 27, 1897, and the building was done in March 1900.

History of Governor House - Raj Bhawan

Governor House structural design has been expertly explained as of "the early domestic Gothic style". The front feature is dominated by six castellated turrets which were afterward benefited by the elimination of the steep pinnacles which previously crowned them. The common effect is one of hardness and dignity without liveliness. The back sight of the house, which most almost suggests an English country house, is perhaps, it's most winning feature. The material used was, in the major, a local stone, a dark grey marble, diverse in the interior cross walls with local dolomite limestone. As Naloina freestone was used liberally in the exterior, a partial use was also made of Agra red sandstone.

Teak wood was used in stairs, dining-room, doors, window and floors in Governor House. The glass, tiles, brass fittings and iron pipes came from England. Agra masons did the ashlar stone work and carpenters from Punjab did the wood work. Messrs Lazarus and Co. of Calcutta and Messrs Maple and Co. of London did most of the furnishing. The house stands upon a plateau at an altitude of 1932.37 meters above sea-level with rising ground behind it.

Raj Bhawan Golf Course Nainital

The Golf Course From the level of the lower lawn, fine graded trails cross the outlying part of the grounds where the golf course lies. 18 hole golf course with 18 different tees. Golfing was ongoing in 1926 with the hard work of Lord Malcolm Hailey, the then chief of the United Provinces. The golf course was planned and built by the British Army Engineers. A conclusion of masterwork designing, the ground was studded with hards and enclosed by vibrant forests which can still be eyewitness. The course is increase over an area of 50 acres amidst hilly scenery with a typical flavor of the British penchant for sylvan environment. Golf Course Nainital is at present one of the best and extremely fine maintained Golf courses in the india and the pleasure of Uttaranchal and is hosting lots of Golf Championships.

Governor House - Raj Bhawan Timings

Open All Days except Sunday and all national holidays.

March to April – 8 am to 5 pm

May to August – 8 am to 6 pm

September to October – 8 am to 5 pm

November to December – 8 am to 4 pm

Entry Ticket - Rs. 20 per person