Nainital Tourism

Aerial Ropeway Nainital - Nainital Aerial Ropeway

Get pleasure from eye-catching views of Nainital. The ropeway connects the snow view point to Nainital near the flats. It is a well-liked tourist spot and one can capture remarkable pictures on the camera while taking a ride on the ropeway.

History of Aerial Ropeway Nainital

Cited as one of the main attractions in Nainital, the Aerial Ropeway, which runs from Mallital to Snow View, is a daring way to travel around the picturesque attractiveness of Nainital from an altitude of 2270 meters above sea level. The half a mile ride in the cable car offers some remarkable aerial views of the eye-shaped Naini Lake, the rolling hills and the distant snow-covered white peaks of the Himalayas.

Developed using complicated Swiss technology, The Aerial Ropeway Nainital is one-of-its-kind in India and features two cable cars with a capacity of 12 people per ride. The trip in these cable cars is a unique experience as it gives a feeling of floating in the air and offers some astonishing views of the beautiful charming city of Nainital. So come and enjoy the ride of your life in this Aerial Ropeway in Nainital. The cable car can speed up to 6 meters per second and slow down to 0.5 meters per second.

Best time to visit Aerial Ropeway

The best time to visit Aerial Ropeway in Nainital are from March to June and then again in September to October. Throughout these months the weather is pleasant enough for you to get pleasure from the ride.

Aerial Ropeway Timings

The Aerial Ropeway is open to the public from 10:00am to 4:00pm throughout the week.