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Eco Cave Garden - Cave Garden Nainital

Eco Cave Garden of Nainital is a group of interconnected stony caves and hanging gardens that leads the tourist into a strange and olden dream. Featuring six caves and a musical fountain, Eco Cave Garden is famous among travelers of all the ages particularly children as they are introduced to an eco-friendly life owing to an excellent approach, which gets children interested in nature and guarantee that they get pleasure to exploring things.

To be found in Mallital on the Kaladungi Road, Cave Gardens is a natural park is positioned just one kilometer away from the famous Mall Road and has small caves, which are named according to the animal they resemble therefore there is a tiger cave, panther cave, bat cave, squirrel cave, ape cave and flying fox cave that one passes through well-lit tunnels. As you steps forward through these caves, the tunnels slim down gradually and at some places you actually have to move slowly on your fours to go in the caves. Although the entry of these caves are quite thin, the interiors amazingly are vast and with each cave the hard level increases therefore enhancing the fun and adventure of exploring these caves.

Adding to this exploratory fun is a musical fountain at the site, which puts up a stunning display of lights, water, and music. Nainital Cave Garden is carved from a series of natural caves formed from the years of seismic doings. After you're journeying you can head to the garden set a top the hill where you can enjoy some beautiful visions of the dropping gorges and soaring cliffs. So come and travel around these caves yourself and be mesmerized by these natural beauties!

Best time to visit Eco Cave Garden Nainital

The best times to visit Eco Cave Garden in Nainital are from March to June and then again in September to October. Throughout these months the weather is pleasant enough to travel around the outdoors.

Cave Garden Timing

Eco Cave Garden is open to the public from 9:30 am to 5:30pm throughout the year.