Dhangarhi Museum

Dhangarhi Museum - Dhangarhi Museum Timings

Dhangarhi Museum is to be found close to Dhangarhi gate. It is one of the main attractions of the travelers. Historians, heritage and wildlife lovers take a must break to this special museum. This museum is standing hard on the grounds since the man-eating tigers have been in survival. The museum pitches light on the life and trip of Corbett. Some of the soul-stirring shows include the hunted untamed animals and glass areas having the heads of tigers and elephants killed in violent fight.

As well, there is a memento shop sited in the museum, from where you can buy some wildlife generals, books written on Corbett and autobiography of the wildlife safaris held in Corbett National Park. If you are a fan of art, you can buy the colorful handicrafts items, wood carved items, Corbett t-shirts and caps. Tourists can also enjoy Corbett Falls situated at 4 km from Museum.

Opening Timings for Corbett Museum

All days of the week

Summer Season :8:00 AM - 6:00

PMWinter Season :8:00 AM - 5:00 PM