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Sattal - Sattal Lake in Nainital

Sat Tal is positioned at an elevation of 1219 meters above sea level and almost 21 km far away from Nainital. 7 fresh water lakes come together and make an attractive picturesque spot. These lakes are named as Panna Tal or Garud Tal, Ram Tal, Sita Tal, Lakhman Tal, Nal – Damyanti Tal, Sukh Tal or Khurdariya Tal and Purna Tal. There are entire seven lakes thus the name Sat Tal. Oak and Pine tree forests are found around the group of these seven lakes.

There is a small wildlife sanctuary too, which is run by Dr. Stanley Jones of America. These lakes are heaven for swimmers and anglers and a celestial pleasure to lie down on the shores of the lakes watching their perfect loveliness. Lots of birds migrate to Sat Tal and stay here for some time throughout migration period. The Nal – Damyanti Lake is full of variety of fishes. In India, there are few well- preserved and clean water biomes and Sat Tal is included in one of those biomes.

From the unfamiliar natural views to the joy of seeing an array of exotic bird flock, butterfly watching, one can option a widespread range of enjoyably activities in Sattal. If the tourist in you were in search of a composed place where you can unravel your true senses, then Sattal would be your perfect destination. Get on a trip to Sattal and discern and free yourself from the strenuous schedule life and enjoy yourself at this astonishing cache of heavenly majesty.

For the traveler, willing to spend their time by living and having a feel of nature around them, there is a Tourist Rest House, which is available for accommodation.