Kausani Tourism

Places to Visit in Kausani - Kausani Sightseeing

Kausani is a place where you can rejuvenate yourself and improve your health. It is set amidst the might Himalayas and is a beautiful destination with clean mountain air and a healthy environment. There is much too see in Kausani.

It is a area endowed with actual organic charm and salubrious environment. Visitors come here from far and extensive have fun with their vacations among peaceful environment.

This hill position can be found at an elevation of 1,890 metres above sea level in the Bageshwar region of Uttarakhand. Situated among heavy maple jungles, Kausani provides stunning opinions of the valleys.

It provides excellent opportunity for hiking. You will also discover a extensive range of plants and creatures here. Tea landscapes, hikes, museums and Anashakti ashram are the other known locations of Kausani.

Rudradhari Waterfall

These are natural waterfalls surrounded by many ancient caves. The Rudradhari Falls are a major attraction in Kausani. Legends relate it to the Hindu Mythological lords Shiva (Rudra) and Vishnu (Hari) hence the name Rudradhari. An ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, Someshwar is located nearby. The falls are magnificent and are situated on the trekking route to Adi Kailash.

Anasakti Ashram

Anasakti Ashram was built as a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and is also called as Gandhi Ashram. Mahatma Ganghi visited Kausani in the year 1929 and was so affected by the beauty of the place that he called it as the Switzerland of India. He also stayed here while he was writing his famous study in Gita, the "Anasakti Yoga". There is a small prayer room in the Anasakti Ashram where prayers are offered every day in the morning and evening. The area of the Ashram is well stocked with books on Gandhi's life and his picture.

Sumitra Nandan Pant Gallery

Kausani is the birth place of the renowned poet Sumitra Nandan Pant. Here was built a Gallery as a tribute to the renowned poet of nature. Apart from the collection of the works of Pant, the gallery houses a very collection of books both in Hindi and English. A poetry seminar is held every year at the Sumitra Nandan Gallery on the poet's birth anniversary.

Lakshmi Ashram

The Ashram was founded in 1964 by Catherine Hillman, a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi, who adopted the name Sarlaben. The ashram is also called as Sarla Ashram after its founder. Sarla Ashram overlooks the charming Valley of Kosi river and is located at a quiet location in the hills giving a calm and peaceful environment to the people living in the Ashram. It is a skill training school for the orphaned girls. They are taught cooking, cleaning, caring for animals and growing vegetables etc here.

Kausani Tea Garden

The nature has gifted Kausani with mild weather and fertile lands which allows enchanting groves to grow here. The place is famous for its pear orchards and tea gardens. A high flavored variety of tea Girias Uttaranchal Tea is produced in the big 208 hectares plantations in Kausani. This tea is mainly exported to USA, Germany, Australia and Korea. One can visit the tea plantations in Kausani and get a guide who will even take you to the factory where you can see the actual.

Treks in Kausani

Kausani is paradise for you if you are an adventurous nature lover. Uttarakhand is the land of Himalayas and beautiful treks but Kausani offers the most beautiful trekking routes. Some of the major trekking routes in Kausani are the Adi Kailash Trek, Base Kausani Trek, Bageshwar Sundardhunga Trek, Pindari Glacrier Trek and Kafni Glacier Trek.