Places to visit in Ranikhet

Places to Visit in Ranikhet - Sightseeing and Tourist Attractions in Ranikhet

Soaked in natural beauty, this hill station has a lot to offer to tourists. With an assortment of gardens, temples and museums, Ranikhet offers many attractions to visit. Its popular attractions include 400 years old temples of Jhula Devi and Kali Devi ka Mandir. You can also check out Kumaon Regimental Centre Museum and Memorial.

Ranikhet is filled with a wide variety of activities that have made it a popular adventure tourist destination. Ranikhet is a beautiful tourist place in Kumaon worth visiting throughout the year. There is much to see here. Some famous spots for local Ranikhet sightseeing are listed below.

Golf Course

The Ranikhet Golf Course is famous all over the world being the highest golf course in Asia. It is one of the prime attractions in Ranikhet. Ranikhet Golf Course is a 9 hole course and the club here provides membership to all, even outsiders. The golf course is a beautiful green meadow at a high altitude in the Kumaon Himalayas. Many movies have been shot here include Raja Hindustani (starring Amir Khan, Karishma Kapoor).....Read More

Chaubatia Garden

This place, 10 km away from Ranikhet, houses the Government Fruit Research Center. As the name implies there are four huge fruit gardens of peaches, apricot, chestnuts and almonds at Chaubatia, though it is famous for its apple orchards. There are fruit sales depots here where one can buy fresh fruits, juices, artisan honey etc. Chaubatia Gardens are home to exquisite flora and fauna native to the Himalayas and offers excellent views of the nearby mountains which make it a must see among the attractions in Ranikhet.....Read More

Haidakhan Temple

Haidakhan or Hairakhand temple is located at Chilianaula 5 km away from Ranikhet. Hairakhan temple was established by Shri Haidakhan Maharaj who is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Thus, the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The present day temple was built by Birla Trust and is a perfect blend of the Indian cultural heritage with modern architecture. The place has a splendid wealth of scenic beauty. Many great Himalayan peaks are visible clearly from the Hairakhan temple.....Read More

Army Museum

The Army Museum in Ranikhet is a must see. It is maintained by the Kumaon regiment and the Naga regiment of Indian Army. The museum has a wide collection of artifacts displaying stories of the Army from the First World War till date. There one can get to know all the Army Generals who belonged to the Kumaon Regiment till date. The museum displays the contributions of the Kumaon and Naga regiments in the World wars, Indo-China war, Indo-Pak war, Kargil war etc. The Army museum is well maintained and they even provide you with a guide who helps you understand the history of the Regiments.

Kumaon Regimental Center

The Kumaon Regimental Center Museum was established in early 1970s and is a showcase of the history of the Kumaon Regiment and the Garhwal Regiment of the Indian Army. There are many valuable treasures of the times of British, including the silver scepter of Rani of Jhansi, the Chinese rifles used in the war of 1962, the Japanese Field Telephone used in the World War – II and some documents of the Kargil War.

Jhula Devi Temple

The temple is 7 km away from Ranikhet near the Chaubatia gardens. It is said that people make their wishes here and when they are granted they come and tie a bell in the temple offering thanks to Maa Jhula Devi. The popularity of Jhula Devi Temple can be seen by the sheer number of bells hanging in the temple premises. The priests of the temple have to continuously shift the bells to a room to make space for new bells tied regularly by the devotees.....Read More

Rama Temple

The Rama Mandir or Rama Temple is located near the Jhula Devi Temple. It is dedicate to Lord Rama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. There is a monastery in the temple where students are given knowledge of the ancient Vedas, the Vedic and modern Mathematics. It is a must visit for people interested in the Vedas and Vedic sciences. There is a small flight of stairs to reach the hilltop where the Rama temple is situated.