Dunagiri Temple Dwarahat in Almora

Dunagiri Temple Dwarahat in Almora - Place to visit nearby Almora

Dunagiri - as well called Drongiri, Dronagiri and Doonagiri - is a region in Kumaon, an amazingly attractive setting within the glorious Himalayas. At height 8,800 feet, the verdant forest setting overlooks eye-catching snow peaks and noticeably peaceful scenery.

Dunagiri is beautiful hill towns to be found at a height of 1780mts above sea level in the Almora district of Uttarakhand India. Legends believe that when Lord Hanuman was carrying the Sanjiwani Buti a small portion fell here and since that day the place came to be recognized as Dunagiri. It is well identified for the revered the temple devoted to Dunagiri Devi or goddess Vaishnavi Devi. The temple offers a panoramic vision of the Gogas Valley.

Places to visit in Dunagiri - Dunagiri Tourist Attractions

Dunagiri Temple - 1.5kms vertical trek is required to reach the temple devoted to Mata Vaishnavi Devi. The temple attracts a many of pilgrims from all over the nation yearly. The temple as well provides an attractive sight of the royal Himalayas in their high magnificence.

Pandukholi - 10kms from Mangalikhan. It is a gorgeous hill resort bounded by thick forests. Myths consider that the Pandavas lived here throughout their 14 yrs of banishment era. Pandukholi too provides an attractive sight of the Himalayan Mountains and the close by environment.

Bhatkot - A few kilometers from Dunagiri is the peak of Bhatkot. The peak is to be found at 9086 ft, it is the uppermost peak in the Kumaon area.

Sukhdev Muni Ashram - 2kms is a quiet and serene picnic place.

Best Time to Visit Dunagiri

The best time to visit March - June and September - October. In summer season extend from April to June. In winter season is from September to February.

How to Reach Dunagiri Temple Almora

Dunagiri Temple is to be found at a distance of 400 Km from Delhi and 100 Km from Nainital. Nearby railhead is at Kathgodam which 140kms from here. The nearby airport is Pantnagar Airport. There is a straight flight from Delhi to Pantnagar to arrived Dunagiri with a flying time of just 1 hour.