Tamta Mohalla in Almora

Tamta Mohalla in Almora - Tamta Mohalla Almora Tourist Attraction

The traditional craft of people of Almora makes it famous for its copperware. Tamta Mohalla is a small locality in the Old Almora town. This place used to belong to the most famous coppersmiths of old times and still houses their generations working in the same field. There are many coppersmiths still carrying on the traditional work in Tamta Mohalla.

Tamta Mohalla is the well-known area in old town of Almora famous for skilled coppersmiths. The copper sheet is compressed to make it flat. The design outlines are marked on the product as per the figure of the product to be made. The copper sheet is then cut with scissors. Now, correctly cut copper pieces are sent for annealing and shaping procedure.

Heating procedure is also called annealing which is complete to make stronger the copper sheet. The procedure of heating and beating is frequent until the required figure is obtained. Later than heating and shaping, the partially shaped copper pieces are permitted to cool at room temperature.

The decoration designs are fixed on the surface by chiseling and beating processes. The parts of the product are made alone and then connected together. These connected parts are soldered. The product is once more heated on furnace then allowed to dry. After soldering process, the product is washed with diluted acid solution. Lastly it is washed with tamarind solution to obtain shinier look.